Failed Labrador Experiment

An Epic Tale Of Ginger

30 July
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I was born to a Dutch protitute with one leg called Gerta and a Japanese millionaire ambassador of the shogunate,but was left for dead in a river as a child.
I was rescued by wolves and taken in,soon to become their alpha.
For years we terrorized France,feeding at will and snatching live stock.
Eventually I was captured by Canadians and put in a freakshow with other carny types.
There I settled down and married the bearded lady,who was also the strong man.
Eventually she ran off with the midget and I left the freak show distraught.
Fearing persecution for my war crimes during WWII I hid in Edinburgh as an unassumeing student.
However, on a drunken whim I bought a one way ticket to an outer space colony in Adromeda, but found the extraterrestrial craft dumped me in London with a hangover. That's the last time I trust a giraffe!
So here I am in london, trying to tunnel through the earth into Asia so I can get infinite free Pocky...



Civi :
Civi is Radioactive and a known Biohazard. Wear protective clothing at all times. Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Terratogenic and Neon Orinj. Toxic. Not for internal application. Danger! Danger! High Voltage! If ingested seek advice from physician. Not to be exposed to the young or the elderly, those with heart problems, epilepsy or who are pregnant. Flammable and highly volatile. Prolonged exposure may cause irritation. May contain traces of nut. Exposure to retards may cause death. Explosive. Beware the Giant Frikkin Laser.

slappersire Had THIS to offer:
*Voiceover, hoarse whisper, as camera pans across the cityscape of Edinburgh, finally closing in on Civi, walking out of Black Lion Games.*
"Here in the heart of Edinburgh we have discovered a heretofore unknown phenomenon. The last example of Homus Gingerus, formerly believed to be extinct. Here we can see him in his native habitat, about to enter his current favuorite hunting grounds."
*Civi suddenly spins round and peers in the direction of the camera, the shot pans out slightly and the vocie resumes with a hint of worry in it's tone*
"I think, perhaps...... he might have spotted us. The best thing right now is for us to stay very still and pray he gets distracted by something else."
*Civi sniffs at the air and then lets out a strangled yell*
"Ah. This, then, is the characteristic fury which may well have brought about the downfall of these proud and noble creatures. At this point I feel it is prudent to retreat and watch from a safer distance."
*The camera zooms back sharply to reveal that it is, in fact, on a helicopter. There is a brief pause and then a sudden whooshing noise as Civi grows rapidly 'till he is 100ft tall. He then proceeds to stomp around the city, occassionally throwing cars and zapping thing with his laser eyes.*
*He glances over at the helicopter and narrows his eyes. There is an explosion of fire and the camera goes dead*
This is what Civi dreams about kids. In real life he's mostly a very loud, bouncy, happy person, who eats chinese food, likes London, likes Changeling and generally enthuses far too much. And he has an overactive imagination as well.